New Jersey Roads - NJ 67

The southern end of NJ 67 - it splits into a wye, with NJ 5 EB to the left and WB to the right. Don't ask why the overheads don't match the route configuration, assigning NJ 5 to a one-block connector. The old shield is just out of sight of the bottom left of the first photo.

NB at Bridge Plaza South and then Bridge Plaza North; click for closeup taken a couple of years later, with significant fading in the red part of the I-95 shield. Look carefully for the old I-95 shield in the first photo. There is clearly room for other shields on the second assembly, which is directly over I-95...

Courtesy SPUI, this'll fill in that picture nicely. There is no SOUTH or WEST banner associated with these routes as there should be, because Port Authority believes you'll realize all route shields mean "into New Jersey"; how many drivers will see US 46 and the NJTP shields and instantly realize that that's headed away from New York?

The first sign is on Center Avenue, which is one long block west of NJ 67/Lemoine Avenue, pointing NB traffic down Bridge Plaza North EB. The second sign is on BPN WB.

"Alt. US 9W" starts here and turns at Center Ave., makes a couple more turns, and ends up on NJ 67. The ALT route is a good idea, as 9W gets clogged between the outbound Bridge traffic and the Palisades Interstate Parkway.

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