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NJ 66

Welcome this photo over from the NJ 33 page; it's not terribly special, but I took it, so have it.

Currently, NJ 66-NJ 33 is a directional wye with a traffic signal, requiring NJ 66 WB traffic to cross NJ 33 EB traffic. I propose this alternative, which puts all the driveways on a service road accessible from NJ 66 and from 33 WB. The downside is that this requires NJ 33-NJ 66 EB traffic to use two ramps along the Parkway service road, but these can be made two-lane ramps (as you can see at the right edge of the photo, currently the ramps and the C-D road are one lane only). The upside is that this adds a ramp, from 33 WB to the Parkway SB. The Parkway also gets access to NJ 66 EB, which just needs to be two lanes undivided here (the Parkway adds/subtracts a lane's worth of traffic). This proposal requires no new land taking, and moves the traffic light from busy NJ 33 to less busy NJ 66 (at a movement that's not even currently provided, so it can't hurt that much). NJDOT, NJ Turnpike Authority, let me know what you think.

Progressive westbound photos on NJ 66 approaching the Garden State Parkway. NJ 66 is apparently slated for widening to four lanes to accommodate shore traffic heading toward the Asbury Park area. That may be good news for Asbury Park, which saw a sharp decline in the 1970's-80's and has been since trying to arrest that and rebuild its image.

Victoria Boulevard, which will connect NJ 33 and NJ 66 just east of the Garden State Parkway. A controversial overpass and associated mall development was just signed into existence, so this path will soon be finished and striped. These photos are heading away from NJ 33 WB, courtesy Scott Colbert; there are two more on the NJ 33 page linked below.

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