New Jersey Roads - NJ 64 (CR 571/526?)

Secret NJ 64 - CR 526?/571

NJ 64 is the DOT internal number for an old bridge with approaches at Princeton Junction; before 1953, this was NJSHR 31A. All railroad bridges are in some way maintained by the state, but not only does this one include the approaches, it, like NJ 59, was planned to be part of something much longer. (The original number of 31A matched NJSHR 31, now US 206, and obviously the two were meant to connect.) At one point, it lay in the path of the proposed and ever-shifting NJ 92, which started off around where NJ 133 is located, and then was moved further south to NJ 32 (at which point NJ 64 was well out of the proposed path) before it was recently killed.

Heading westbound (NJ 64 northbound, technically) over the Northeast Corridor railroad at Princeton Junction. Note the old NJDOT-style bridge walls on either side, and the old NJDOT-style curb separating the travel lanes, and the complete absence of any other clue as to the real status of this highway (or to the CR 526 multiplex, which in fairness was added relatively recently, but seems to never have been made official).

Sometime in the late 2000s, part of the median was removed, probably coinciding with intersection improvements at CR 615 (see photos at the end of this page). These continue WB.

Not sure this is 64? Check out the decimal mileage. NJ 64 is unique in having a median concrete curb that is not a divider, for its entire length.

Continuing northwestward to the end of the state highway, with an unusual curb detail at the old road and a lack of confirming "west" direction for CR 526/571. As you can see on the left of the last photo, the old sloped curb is usually scalloped vertically, not horizontally like around the curve.

Heading eastward from the previous photos on the old road, which predated the 500 system of county route numbering but may have had some early route number before the New Jersey bridge was built. It obviously had a grade crossing, and I had the good fortune to pretend I was waiting for the train to clear (thank you, photogenic Amtrak).

Starting eastbound over the railroad bridge, a Mercer County parks sign finds its way onto a state highway.

Back eastward over the bridge, CR 615 intersects NJ 64 right at its eastern end. The unusual feature here is the double through arrow for the two routes. Another proof of the state route is the NJDOT-spec signals.

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