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Former NJ 58 stub

Most of NJ 58 became the traffic-snarling four-lane section of I-280 through Newark, with no shoulders and underheight bridges. When 58 was constructed in the 1950's, it was a modern urban freeway, and the amount of capacity it offered made sense. The Interstate highway connection to either side should require another two lanes minimum in each direction. Anyway, as the I-280 corridor was hollowed out through East Orange in the 1960's, NJ 58 had to be connected to it somehow. The western beginning at Orange St. was therefore abandoned, even though it could have made a decent onramp. Probably because of its sensitive location over active railroad tracks, that little piece of abandoned highway was left there rather than removing it, and over thirty years later, here I am showing you what's left.

The entrance to the stub from Orange St., with busy I-280 in the background. As you can see, this abandoned area has remained surprisingly clean of the graffiti or litter that characterizes most dense urban areas. I'm not sure if it's still state property (there were no "No Trespassing" or similar signs), but that could explain why.

NJ 58 EB. Not sure what went to the right here, since Orange St. is a few feet to the south and there is a house just to the east. It may have been some sort of railroad access, or may reflect an early interchange configuration, but I can't find any map of the area.

A closeup of the metal expansion joint seen in the previous photo. The messiest NJ 58 gets is this pile of gravel.

Okay, there's some of that graffiti. There's also some original 1950's curb and inset tile, and a random group of urban explorers.

Turned around westward in the former EB lanes, looking at and along the curbed median.

Closeup of the Orange St. side of the median, showing that its curb is identical to that of the right shoulders.

The northern wall along the WB lanes, finally showing the exact date of construction (along with more graffiti), and a detail of NJDOT's always-different and always-exciting porcelain tiles.

Now that I've shown you a clean copy of the date, here's a dirty copy on the southern (EB) wall.

Facing eastward on NJ 58 WB.

Looking north at the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

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