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NJ 57

The beginning from US 22 EB, with US 22 WB passing overhead in the distance to swallow up NJ 57 WB. NJ 57 was once NJ 24 along with the old route west of Morristown and what is now NJ 124.

The opposite perspective, looking west down NJ 57 EB as it passes under US 22 WB.

It was also originally NJSHR 12, and since it's two lanes the entire way, NJ 57's entire route might be original highway.

Speaking of original highway, this is the first mile of concrete pavement built in NJ, 102 years old when I drove it in 2014 and doing just fine. Photos head west to the CR 519 Lopatcong Creek bridge just to the north that was built later than the pavement and will probably be replaced sooner.

The WB way into Washington.

This sign sure looks newer than 1990, so why does it mention NJ 24? So many people know CR 517-513-510 as the route of NJ 24 that the signs are simply left there from long ago. I guess it will be an unspoken rule for many years to come to keep referring to it as Route 24 in signage. NJ 182 rant: The highway to the left is NJ 182 (and also CR 517, which of course heads right as well). Unlike old NJ 24, it was state-maintained (24 between 182/57 and Morristown has always been county-maintained, hence the 517/513/510 multiplexes), which is why it didn't die in 1990. However, since the proposed NJ 57 bypass of Hackettstown, that would have continued straight and ended in the (very) divided section of US 46, never gathered much steam nor has much need, that would have been the perfect time to have one state route designation between US 46 and US 22. But that would have required more effort somehow.

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