New Jersey Roads - NJ 54

All ready to widen NJ 54, if only there were any demand to do so. In fact, it was even proposed as a freeway down toward Millville, but again, no one is traveling to south-central Jersey; the Garden State Parkway and Atlantic City Expressway take care of traffic needs in the region.

Two of the swan bridges (maintained by the Delaware River Port Authority), on NJ 54 NB at Spur CR 561/NJ 73. The old colored swans (okay, maybe they're ducks or geese, but swans are nicer) still dot southern NJ, but it's rare to see two together. Ben is blue, Betsy is yellow, and the circle had a Spirit of '76 (or the like) sticker inside it. There's a better preserved specimen further up 73 on the NJ Turnpike Exit 4 offramp.
NJ 73 extends down CR 561 and the possibly former Spur CR 561 to US 322; it used to end at the Atlantic City Expressway until the state apparently gave up on ever building a non-county maintained alignment. I say possibly former because the route has been deleted from the state Straight Line Diagrams, but those haven't proven to be 100% accurate (see CR 573).

One of NJ's old historic sites with the little blue sunburst/paddlewheel shield (I've never taken a close enough look at one to tell).

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