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The NJ 52 bridge was built to serve as US 9's spur to Ocean City, so it begins at that route instead of extending to the Garden State Parkway interchange with Laurel Drive.

Causeway Bridge construction photos

One of the north-south streets in Ocean City SB at CR 623, and one of the east-west streets EB at West St. Yes, I got lost, because signs to get off that island are quite shoddy (as you can see when they even do erect signs).

Jump north to Somers Point by clicking on this video.

The northern and southern parapets of... yes, that's right The World War Memorial Bridge (also known as the Causeway Bridge). Another sign that It's Old. Sadly, it's also due for replacement. You'll wanna check out the construction photos of its replacement.

Below the State of New Jersey plaque is this date of 1932, even though the plaque says 1933. On the other side of the bridge is State Highway... no, actually, it's the exact same thing. For once, NJ forgot to stamp the route number on the side of the bridge, and that's because 52 didn't exist until 1951. It's interesting that New Jersey would have built this bridge and not numbered it.

NJ no longer uses these signs for their control sections; as far as I can tell, they are only recorded internally now.

Inside the circle at the foot of the bridge, with the ends of two county routes and some questionable detour signage. One would stay on 52 to head toward the Parkway NB anyway; it's a detour to the Parkway South that would take one to the right instead of down 559. Yes, the second and third photos are otherwise of the same sign, with an oldish US 9 shield sitting below the LGS.

Follow the uncut shields up NJ 52 NB from the rotary to its end at US 9.

SB widening approaching the circle in December 2010 to go with the Causeway Bridge construction to the south. Looks like NJ 52 will be four lanes all the way down.

Another consequence of improvements is removal of the circle! Photos look north at the former lanes of the circle (clearly originally concrete from the lines in the asphalt), now cut through and used for parking, then south where the circle used to run to Mays Landing Rd. and Broadway. The southwest corner of the circle is entirely gone, and the southeast side is now used to bring Mays Landing Rd. into 52.

Remember this assembly from the circle photos above? It's suddenly more interesting because there's no longer a road facing the signs. Funny how that works.

Causeway Bridge construction photos

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