New Jersey Roads - NJ 50 and 50/US 40

NJ 50, US 40/NJ 50

NJ 50 ends at US 9. It heads straight into a Garden State Parkway entrance ramp that is unnumbered because NJDOT never felt like changing the route's definition.

Non-reflective LGS, but no one uses 50 (well, compared to the Parkway or... wait, there aren't any other north-south roads nearby) so it's still here.

NJ 50/CR 557 SB where they split, and Truck CR 664 follows NJ 50 (that must be where the black-on-white sign comes from).

NB at the other end of the duplex. NJ 50 to US 322 to NJ 73 is the route to the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge.

Have some concrete. On the house.

NJ 50 NB at US 40, which also as you can see carries Truck CR 559, courtesy Scott Colbert.

Usually the white line wouldn't be there; SB at US 40, where the road to the left is only 40 and the road to the right is nothing at all (so at least flip the line).

Along the 50/40 duplex, SB/WB at CR 559 in Mays Landing, courtesy Scott Colbert. Except, oops, this is Truck 559 and actually CR 617.

NB in the same spot, but the sign in front is shown on the CR 559 page (linked below).

Tall assembly for the ACE on US 40 EB/NJ 50 NB just before they split (top piece of the first photo courtesy Lou Corsaro); 50 continues straight, and US 40 leaves to the right. What's that arrow doing there? From maps, it appears US 40 West (then also known as NJSHR 48) continued on Main St. instead of turning onto NJ 50 South, and then used the Mill St. bridge and what's now Old Harding Highway. This style of embossed pointed arrow (not painted silver, though) dates to the 1920's, making this among the oldest signs on my site and, as far as I know, unique in NJ. Unfortunately, even in its snazzy new color, it appears fairly useless.

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