New Jersey Roads - NJ 48/Salem CR 675

NJ 48 is old US 40, so it's fitting that the first WB sign is really for US 40 traffic. If you stretch the roads a little bit, NJ 48 really connects to the WB U-turn jughandle, and Forrest Lane really connects to the EB U-turn jughandle. Oh, and Forrest may be a Gumpish typo for just plain Forest.

The first legitimate WB signs (i.e. past the "jughandle") and the last EB sign. All of the shields are nice and old on this road.

Heading WB up to our only error of the route, a new sign stuck among all the old ones. I've now been on the other three approaches, and there are no errant shields there, so somehow the contractor made three NJ 48 shields and only one CR 551, thus not noticing the error until it was up in the field. My comment on this sign: I mean, really, you can't just demount the 48 before putting the 551 up? How lazy can the construction crew be?

More WB signs right on up to US 130. With a name like Virginia Ave., this doesn't seem like the main road through town. Does Broad St. sound better? Well, since we're on Main St. anyway, let's see where old 48 met old 130. (This is where the CR 675 shield comes in.)

CR 675 WB and EB at Broad St. (CR 607), original US 130. US 40 continued straight to old ferry docks long before US 130 ever made it down this far; it was rerouted to a more southerly ferry in Pennsville (now the jumping-off point of the Delaware Memorial Bridge) and NJ 48 was kept on its original path. Most of 40 and 48 were duplexed across the state prior to 1953, but the short solo piece to US 130 kept its historic number. Since by that time, 130 was realigned, this corner was already county routes in all directions, which is why NJDOT never got around to taking down these 1920's-era signs.

No old Little White Signs on Broad St., but there is this embossed parking sign NB at the intersection and its counterpart in the other direction. Good luck reading those hours - it's not my camera's fault.

The reason I kept CR 675 on this page is that these ferry docks only ever were occupied by NJ 48. The 48 ferry went to Wilmington and picked up DE 48, obviously not a coincidence. What's left here is in ruins, but at least there's something left, unlike on the Delaware side.

The first signs heading east away from the docks also happen to be quite old.

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