New Jersey Roads - NJ 47 - S. of NJ 55

south of NJ 55

The above photo is courtesy Scott Colbert.

NJ 47 was remodeled in Wildwood, with groovy palm-tree sign blades.

Courtesy Scott Colbert, the first sign on NJ 47 NB lets you know how far you can go on it. Apparently Dennis has a complex about being properly addressed. Or, maybe singles were clogging up traffic hoping to meet Dennis and fall in love. Camden may have been more useful than Brooklawn, even if drivers have to switch routes to make it there.

At the (T&A) Car Wash. Yeah.

NJ 47 SB, also from Scott; this connection would put you two miles farther north, at the top of North Wildwood instead of the center of Wildwood, and thus would cut down considerably on traffic. I don't see why NJ 147 can't be extended westward over CR 618 to meet its parent. Anyway, note signage inconsistancies in such thing as sign borders, the yellow CR shield background, and the word COUNTY. I believe the second sign is more modern, due to the single border, but I could be mistaken.

Northbound, no 147 shields, but old county shields are plenty good enough.

SB and NB respectively, dating from when the bridge was constructed, and thus from when the state highway was constructed in the late 1920's.

Ships of hundreds of tons were apparently built right here on NJ 47 and launched broadside from the parapet into the creek. This lasted throughout the 19th century, before the bridge was built. Anyway, this NB sign is historic, untouched, and a little too old for its own good.

Yet another Scott Colbert photo. South of NJ 83, NJ 47 was once SHR S-49, and SHR 49 followed current 47 from Vineland on to 83 to end at US 9 (starting from NJ 49 in Deepwater). This dates from I think 1936 - I wrote 1956, but obviously it would have been NJ 47 by then.

Only one at a time, though. Also NB.

Return of the patched county shield, southbound in Dennisville.

South Jersey is unimaginative. What can I say? Back to northbound.

One of these cities is not like the other.

The southern end of NJ 347 is to the left; when it was constructed, the southern section of NJ 47 (to the right) was realigned to flow directly into it, thus cutting off a small piece of original NJ 47 (the dirt trail straight ahead) and forcing the next part of NJ 47 (which is behind me here) to turn left and come to a signal.

To the right is the northern end of NJ 347, which flows seamlessly into NJ 47, thus forcing the northbound direction to cut over at Mauricetown Road. Both 347 and 47 are 50 MPH two-lane roads, but NJ 47 has driveways and more cross-streets. On the other hand, since NJ 347 was designed to be the straight-through movement at either end, I bet 47 has less traffic. As far as I can tell, NJ 347 was built as part of an alleviation plan for the unbuilt NJ 55 freeway, but there's not enough capacity on NJ 47 at either end to make a difference.

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