New Jersey Roads - NJ 47

Remember that kid who just looked like a bully? Sloping brow, protruding facial features... well, this sign ain't exactly the homecoming queen. NB on NJ 47 between Millville and Vineland, courtesy Scott Colbert.

NJ 47 south of NJ 55

NJ 47 north of Millville

NJ 55 rises out of the middle of NJ 47 as the through route, which makes sense but is perhaps a mite unintuitive. I don't see why NJ 47 couldn't have remained the through movement here, or at least split in a wye with 47 to the left and 55 to the right. Notice that the MILE 20 milepost, which reflects NJ 55's unbuilt freeway mileage to the east, doesn't have a convenient miniature shield on top so you can't tell which road it actually belongs to.

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