New Jersey Roads - NJ 45/CR 551

and NJ 45/CR 551

Nothing wrong with two shields on the signal overheads, but there shouldn't be a line separating them. A road name (Harding Highway) would be nice. On Bailey St. in Woodstown, courtesy Scott Colbert.

Old 45 shield on the brief Woodstown multiplex, also courtesy Scott Colbert.

There are tons of old NJ 45 shields around, mostly standalones, but this one drags an old NJ 77 shield with it.

US 322 used to follow NJ 45 through Mullica Hill, but the new bypass opened in 2012 and these signs weren't removed. It's not the end of the world, because making a right on the old road is definitely better than heading north through town to the new road. All I ask is a "TO" for the second photo.

I don't know why this NB sign at the new bypass is so ugly, but it just is. Is it the marauding hyphens?

SB signs in 2011, when US 322 EB still followed NJ 45 SB. Traffic was tough back then, so tough that only one business was able to survive. Now Mullica Hill has local businesses - but no narrow US shields.

New 2012 SB signs, just as ugly as the NB one. Here I know the problems - poor vertical and horizontal spacing, destinations not centered under shields on the first sign, too many destinations on the second sign, white border is far too wide and should not extend to the sign edges.

NB at Breakneck Rd.

Countyless sign on the SB jughandle to the beginning of Alt. CR 553, Main St. in Mantua.

Now skipping up to Woodbury, there's one of these large old signs NB at Hunter St. and SB along the NJ 45/CR 551 duplex.

At the south end of that duplex, CR 551 should really head to the right - I'm pretty certain this is S Broad St. at the Salem Ave./Mantua Ave. split (there is a Walgreens in the right location, too). I guess that means you'll have to steal it for me, so that people will stop being confused.

Enjoy Woodbury as I travel north. The stone building is the Gloucester County Courthouse, on the northwest corner at CR 534.

Delaware St., CR 640, EB where it is about to become CR 534. This sign would imply NJ 45 is left and CR 551 is right, but that's the standard way to design it.

This old iron-railing bridge doesn't seem like it was built by the state, so probably predates the state highway system.

Really old street sign and then even older CR shield, the tiny size, NB leaving Woodbury with no 45 shield around. Keep following CR 551 (via the link below) to see another one just north of here.

Another old embossed street sign, actually a few blocks south of Edith Ave. I've already gone out of order on this page, so I just don't care now.

After this shield, a ramp comes out of the median of 45 and joins the freeway. It does that because of the railroad tracks just to the east, which separate NJ 45 and CR 551. CR 551 also has its own ramps to I-295, and unlike the ones at 45, the 551 ramps allow movements to/from both the north and south; in both locations, though, there are no ramps heading west on I-295 (which is signed north-south but really isn't).

The 1947-built overpass of US 130 NB over NJ 45 SB at the northern beginning of the route.

Where would you like to go today? Unfortunately, you don't get that choice, as this is really NORTH US 130 and the end of NJ 45 NB.

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