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former US 130

NJ 44, Crown Point Rd. and Broad Street, is old US 130 between Cooper/Logan Twp. (think US 322 and the Commodore Barry Bridge interchange) and Thorofare, because 130 decided to run along I-295 (which was intended originally to be the US 130 Freeway, pre-Interstate system). US 130 south of Cooper still has SHR 44 printed all over it, and is the only two-lane section of current US 130.

As NJ 44 SB ends in Bridgeport, everything seems normal. It took a chance observation on old aerial photos to realize that dead-end Heilman Ave. is actually the old US 130 mainline, the northern section of Bridgeport's first bypass. The reason NJ 44 ends pseudo-randomly at Barker Ave. is because when what's now Heilman was built, the rest of old Main Street to the west ("southbound") was given back to the town.

Springer St. WB, as if I were following the old bypass. The western end is a second dead-end, at the US 322 interchange.

Back east, old US 130 NB.

Repaupo... Repauno. Repaupo... Repauno. Blame DuPont for getting the street name wrong over a century ago, but it's stuck ever since.

There are many bridges like this on former SHR 44, including both NJ 44 and US 130. This one is NB at Mantua Creek.

Continuing north, NJDOT needs some work on its assemblies. Arrows should point opposite directions when the road is straight.

Approaching the north end of NJ 44, which doesn't directly connect at either end to its parent US 130. At the south end, one must turn onto a connecting road that turns into the frontage for US 322 at the Barry Bridge and ultimately leads to NJ 324, while at the north end, as you can see one must follow CR 640. SB US 130-NJ 44 traffic never needs to merge with I-295 traffic, but there is still a disconnect (being the set of ramps one must follow) between technical NJ 44 and technical US 130.

NB at the end of US 44.... Wait. US 44 runs from New York to Massachusetts. Hmm.

The southbound beginning of NJ 44 is on the opposite side of the CR 640 BGS above, and apparently a few hundred feet south of the northbound end. I don't understand why it doesn't end at CR 640 itself, unless it actually does.

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