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Burlington Bristol Bridge

The Burlington-Bristol Bridge was proposed to be an Interstate highway, I-895, if only to provide a freeway-freeway connection instead of a surface road from US 130 to US 13. The bridge is also operated by the Burlington County Bridge Commission, rather than one of the interstate Authorities common to most crossings.
The top photo is the only eastbound reassurance. Click on the April 1965 shield for awesome closeup.

The last eastbound sign. There's technically nothing wrong with it, but it sure looks weird.

Narrow shields on Mott Ave. (CR 632) WB at Lincoln Ave., where traffic is forced right to get to these routes, also courtesy Scott Colbert.

These signs all stand along the rotary just west of US 130; the bridge is just west of a second rotary, so NJ 413 is basically bridge, tollbooth, rotary, one block of actual surface street, rotary, and end segment. The first two signs point straight into local roads, with the second photo being by far the more interesting. The LGS is for BRIDGE and US 130 (both left), and the shield was formerly the only WB reassurance, until it was recently removed. The third photo separates BRIDGE from US 130, and as you can see is quite close to BRIDGE (and yet, there's room for a light rail station that connects Burlington to Camden).

Now that the NJ 413 shield has been taken down, here's the sign that's left, a little closer.

Even though this is technically still on the US 130 jughandle and not on NJ 413 WB, it sort of counts as the only westbound reassurance. It's also much newer than the other two shields on this page. Scott Colbert says it dates to 1978.

NJ 413 is Keim Blvd.

The red sign could use a few extra words, and the white sign could use fewer. It doesn't matter that there's one-way collection - what matters is that it's your direction.

Burlington County just put this up at the base of the bridge, and I think it looks mighty fine.

Pylons prevent crossing the double yellow, meaning traffic must use the rotary right next to the bridge to U-turn. Don't mess up! The westbound Euro-sign is neat, but the 5 MPH limit ain't. All courtesy Lou Corsaro.

If you missed the last exit, you're in Pennsylvania now, and so is Lou Corsaro taking these photos.

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