New Jersey Roads - NJ 38

NJ 38 was planned to run eastward as a freeway to NJ 138, which for a long time was a discontinuous section of NJ 38. I-195 would not have existed, and NJ 37 would have run northwestward, also as a freeway, crossing NJ 38 and ending in Trenton at NJ 29. Instead, the two freeways were scrapped in favor of a single one, leaving NJ 138 an orphan, and NJ 38 ends suddenly at US 206, turning into CR 530 and running back to NJ 70.

Westbound at the end of NJ 38 (which is considered an NJ 70 multiplex by signage but not technically), culminating in the US 130/US 30 circle that has east-west flyovers for the heaviest movements - and a rare triple-left turn for the one from 38 West to 130 South. Visit US 130 below for photos from that circle.

All eastbound; Marlton Pike is the old NJ 70, and is accessed via C-D road that blends back into NJ 70. The last sign is right at the gore, and the mileage sign is on the NJ 38 side because the two routes do not begin multiplexed, unlike what signage on US 130 and US 30 might have you believe.

Stepping back to the ramp from US 130 NB, there is one of those very multiplex-type signs.

Fascinating old signs from the Cherry Hill Mall, courtesy Scott Colbert. The mall certainly came up with a unique design for the 38 shield, and it has held up well over the years since the mall was constructed in 1961.

Yes, NJ 41, aka Kings Highway, and NJ 38 and NJ 73 all once met in a huge circle. 41 was then routed onto a bypass, though, and Old Kings Highway is now bisected by the complicated interchange.

Pulling a quick WB switch.

Eastbound past glued-on directional banners to state-name shields and old bridgey goodness, ending at an old-looking sign that really isn't that old. CR 691 is the old route of CR 541, now the Mt. Holly Bypass. I wish I remembered what the cut-off piece of sign said.

Still eastbound, somewhere in that run of signage a contractor stuck this non-cutout shield. Put it back in the wood chipper.

The EB Marter Ave. jughandle in 1969, courtesy Michael Summa. That vintage yellow yield sign may date to the construction of the jughandle in the 1930's or so, because yellow yield signs (embossed or otherwise) were out of fashion in the 1950's.

Continuing east, a pair of sign errors. NJDOT at least corrected the second one, so I don't know what the error was. The first error is just the wide spacing on the signal overhead. Could have saved a buck or two on sign material.

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