New Jersey Roads - NJ 37

NJ 37 was planned to be upgraded as a freeway and extended well west of its current end at NJ 70; in fact, it would have ended up at Trenton, crossing the NJ 38 freeway that was to have connected Philadelphia (and NJ 38) to Wall (and the other NJ 38, now NJ 138). When the NJ 38 freeway was dropped, NJ 37 was modified to run between its end in Wall and NJ 37's end in Trenton, and was eventually given Interstate money as I-195. See Steve Anderson's for his version of this history. Anyway, NJ 37 is still a lovely divided highway, and pictures follow. Or precede, in the case of the SB Boulevard shield at Hamilton Ave. in Point Pleasant.

The WB end of NJ 37 at NJ 70 and the Lakehurst Circle. All circles seem to be named after their towns, even after the town and/or the circle disappears.

The green sign is located on Jamaica Blvd. NB at Bananier Drive, one of the better-named streets in the choking development of Dover Township (which is 80 miles or more from Dover, but was since renamed to what everyone calls it, Toms River). The off-font shield assembly is in the same area, on Charlotteville Dr. WB at Mule Rd., Ocean CR 642. Both are courtesy Scott Colbert.

US 9 shares the Garden State Parkway here for some unknown reason; since the length of old US 9 through Toms River is NJ 166, I don't see why US 9 can't go back on that alignment and save NJ a route designation. Anyway, this is clearly an excuse to create comically non-standard WB signage.

At least there's one old non-reflective (but still serviceable) sign eastbound at the Parkway.

WB, a rare full-M McDonald's HAMBURGERS.

This WB LGS comes just before a very old shield that's sadly gone now.

EB at NJ 166, missing an old shield.

Vaughn Ave. SB and NJ 37 EB, both in Toms River.

WB, the beginning of Spur CR 549. You may notice another beginning on the NJ 88 page. CR 549 is the only state secondary route with two spurs still existing; others that had them, such as CR 527, dropped one or more of theirs. [P.S. Yes, this is the exact same text as on the NJ 88 page.]

Eastbound adds the requisite CR 571 shield, but can't seem to understand that the only Spur here is that of 549. Or that CR 571 goes west instead of north.

NJ 37 crosses a new bridge WB as it leaves Seaside Heights and the barrier island for Bay Shore and Toms River, but EB runs over an old drawbridge that has carried traffic for many more years than that. I imagine the new bridge was part of gearing up for the new freeway.

The eastbound view of the old narrow drawbridge, with old-style state standard curb.

Finally, the EB end of the road in Seaside Heights.

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