New Jersey Roads - NJ 35

This is the only US shield you'll see on NJ 35. In Shrewsbury, courtesy Scott Colbert.

Formerly green, Sunset Ave. WB at NJ 35, and street signs courtesy Scott Colbert at CR 13A (Sycamore Ave.) in Shrewsbury. The last photo is on Main St. in Sayreville, EB at the onramp to the Garden State Parkway - but the sign actually refers to the traffic signal ahead, Washington Rd. The 9 shield may not look quite right, but the NJ 35 shield is undeniably old.



No, this isn't the NJ 4 page. If you remember that the nearby Garden State Parkway (actual and proposed) was Parkway 4 in the 1940's, you might realize that this bridge in Woodbridge is just a remnant of that era. But you'd be wrong. Since the 1920's, this has been NJ 35. So, SHR 4 is in fact the original 1917 numbering of this route. This is one of the only bridges left from that era in the state; there is another one on Bloomfield Avenue in Montville, which was once US 46, which was once NJ 6, which was originally SHR 12.

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