New Jersey Roads - NJ 34

NJ 34

You don't need this SB sign at the end of NJ 34 to be less blurry to see the amount of wasted space. If the sign is going to be that size, make everything larger so people can see it.

2 photos NB and 2 photos SB at Atlantic Ave. in Wall.

Older NB LGS in a traffic circle.

One of Michael Summa's oldest photos, dating to 1969, in the circle marking the southeastern end of the NJ 33/34 duplex. The N.A.D. Earle sign is the most outdated of all, because it's black on white and refers to what is now Naval Weapons Station Earle. The two LGS's are non-reflective, too.

NJ 33/34 WB/NB and EB/SB where they're about to break up at each end of a multiplex. Both highways go from being four-lane divided (well, 33 was undivided just east of the other end of the duplex) to two-lane undivided, but NJ 34 has plenty of clear space to the east to become four lanes if traffic warrants, right on up to NJ 18 through U.S. Naval Weapons Station Earle. (Unlike CR 545 and NJ 68, NJ 34 survives its trip through the military base.) Honestly, if the Freehold bypass on NJ 33 is a four-lane freeway, 33 should be four lanes coming out of this wye as well.

Walking north up the west side of the Gravelly Brook bridge just south of downtown Matawan.

Walking back south on the east side. The NJ 3x series in this part of the state (including 38, which became NJ 138 after failure to complete it across the Pinelands) were all numbered together in 1927 and haven't changed.

The old hospital sign is southbound at Lloyd Rd. in Strathmore (a section of Aberdeen), and points to CR 3 NB. The SOUTH CR 3 assembly is to the right, and you can't see any evidence of NJ 34 SB continuing straight.

A rare style of bridge dating; usually bridges from the 1930's and 1940's had the state highway number and bridge date stamped into the side of a parapet, and then into the 1950's there would be tile set into the side of the overpass or underpass with that same information. These tiles didn't hold up very well, and maybe that's why they're so hard to find (and maybe that's why it was so easy for me to pick a piece out of the concrete nacelle left to the east).

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