New Jersey Roads - NJ 33

NJ 33 is mostly a two-to-four lane surface road, except for its brief US 130 multiplex, but it takes on freeway status around Freehold, with a bit of divided highway west of that. The eastern section of freeway, for some unknown reason, was completed as a Super-2, though the rest of the bypass is four lanes.

NJ 33 mainline
~ CR 539 and NJ 33/CR 539, Hightstown

~ Business 33, Freehold

NJ 33 and NJ 133/NJ Turnpike construction

The old abbreviation of HWAY is disappearing from street signs, but there's still this one, just east of the NJ Turnpike interchange on the WB side.

NJ 33 freeway on Steve Anderson's
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