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NJ 324

NJ 324 was US 322 before the Commodore Barry Bridge, back when a little concrete road took westbound travelers to a ferry. There's still some concrete there, and even though it doesn't seem to be maintained, the state still owns it (probably because Bridgeport wants no part of it).

Brush is slowly overgrowing the former WB lane, and considering this roadway has had no purpose since 1974, it seems minimal maintenance is in fact being done to preserve drivability.

Summer photos, courtesy Jim Dietrich.

The only two signs on NJ 324. The first one, WB, is for a frontage road that runs the length of US 322 west of US 130, then curves around and connects to US 130 one exit about US 322 (and then continues on to the beginning of old US 130, NJ 44). The second one, EB, looks a little weird (it was put up in 1988), and points to the only other connection to another road. NJ 324 thus does not directly connect to any other state route, although the connector road to US 130 seems state maintained, or at the very least county. If you go straight EB, the road and concrete come to a guardrailed end.

At the western (ferry) end of NJ 324, which looks straight across to unfortunate Chester, PA, Superfund site and location of a winter 2004-5 Delaware River oil spill. That oil cleanup is the reason for the tent in the first photo, and the reason Lou and I ran into a Maryland company using the road. Except for such emergency river access, 324 serves two purposes: connecting the end of the US 322 frontage road to US 130, and having a couple of houses on its eastern section.

The Commodore Barry Bridge as seen from the western end of NJ 324.

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