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NJ 32 is just a connector from the NJ Turnpike to US 130, and it only has that one decimal milepost. It came into being because the Turnpike wanted another exit between Hightstown and New Brunswick, and for awhile it looked like NJ 32 would grow into the NJ 92 freeway, an east-west connector originally planned further south as a link out as far as US 206. Pieces of the link died and it moved up to here, and then NJ 92 itself just died in favor of finally widening the NJ Turnpike to 6 lanes each way between NJ 18, Exit 9, and the Pennsylvania Extension, Exit 6.

The end of the US 130 SB offramp at a Park and Ride lot; even though NJDOT owns 130 and 32, the Turnpike must own the lot, and thus erected this sign. You can tell it's them from the rounded corners, lack of shield background, and the background color (if you're REALLY good). OK, this really belongs on the US 130 page, but I needed an excuse to make NJ 32 into its own.

The real impetus for creating this page is the sign that began it all, the only one left from when the Turnpike interchange was constructed. It's eastbound, and holds a second distinction of I believe being the last cut-corner BGS for the Turnpike where the sign outline matches the shield.

In 2013, this original Exit 8A ramp onto NJ 32 WB (looking north) was abandoned in favor of a ramp to CR 535 a block north.

It's all over after NJ 32 crosses the Turnpike.

Both of my last two captions were lies. There is this second, WB sign that is equally original and just before NJ 32 begins.

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