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NJ 3

In daylight, this sign might have a faint 3 on it. It's on the short stub of Paterson Plank Road EB east of NJ 120, pointing to a connector road that will take you to the same overpass where 120 NB flies over CR 503, where there's a ramp to get onto 120 SB to NJ 3. Without this connector, the stub, which ran into Hoboken before its bridge went bye-bye, would only exit to 503 NB.



Passaic River/Rutherford construction

Service road and other misc. photos

Into the Meadowlands

A westward view of the NJ 3/17 interchange. It looks high-powered, but NJ 17 abruptly ends on the left side of the photo. The left-exit direct SB-EB ramp tells you that the main traffic flows are from southern Bergen County to the Lincoln Tunnel.

NJ 3 on Steve Anderson's
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