New Jersey Roads - NJ 284

NJ 284

Old airplane shield, SB at the end of NJ 284.

Wantage scattered old signs all over the entrances to the Township, even leaving the Borough of Sussex (which is an octagon surrounded by Wantage). There is one embossed one elsewhere in Sussex County; to find out where, visit the link at bottom.

This bridge was born with the state highway system in 1921 (I've seen bridges with highway numbers as early as 1919, though). SHR 8 came from way down NJ 23, presumably back when there was no way down into Port Jervis, NY from High Point. It was renumbered to NJ 84, to match NY 84, but when I-84 was built, interchanging with NY 84, NY felt a need to renumber (had the two highways been far enough apart, NY 84 and NY 84I could have coexisted on the books). For whatever reason, NJ is NY's slave - that's why, for example, NJ 17 was renumbered from NJ 2, and NJ 94 from NJ 8.

Because NJ 284 was renumbered from NJ 84 in the Interstate age, this one old alignment near the New York border remains Old Route 84, since it never was Route 284. It's a rare reminder of a route renumbering. Ooh, more alliteration.

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