New Jersey Roads - NJ 28

Plenty of old shields to go around, including some with magnetically polarized numbers that repel each other in times of high humidity. I wonder what else they'll believe...

A route begins, WB.

WB in Somerville, approaching the US 202/US 206 multiplex, where NJ 28 makes its last turn before heading straight on westward into US 22. (It had to come south from Union Ave. to Main Street.) West of where it meets US 22, NJ 28 was the old number for the entire highway, with NJ 29 being the new US 22 constructed to the east (and north of current NJ 28). Now, ungrateful US 22 makes NJ 28 end right where it was about to feel important.

Central Jersey motorists need the most attention. Or at least, the most signage for the same thing.

More WB signs.

Let's go eastbound just so we can get an original I-287 shield in the mix, barely poking up above the overpass pedestrian fence.

Embossed street signs up to the south end of CR 525.

This is sitting at the bottom of Warrenville Rd., CR 651.

One corner, two views, Dunellen. The first photo is from Madison Ave. NB, so the signs have been skewed significantly from their original and proper orientation.

Both WB, and only the shields are old.

Speaking of old shields, EB at 5th St. in Plainfield.

WB on Broad St., and then EB. The "circle" on the south side of the tracks has been converted to a roundabout, and this new non-spec sign should have properly reflected that. Well, the MUTCD should allow ROUNDABOUT signage, as right now the best you can do is a few twirly arrows. Note in the second (EB) photo that the white arrow sign is brand new - all of the other ones are quite old, so I think that the contractor replaced what was there as part of the roundabout conversion, rather than dream up better signage. I'm not complaining, though.

New in 2008, New Jersey's shortest route gets signed! NJDOT's rules for new overhead signs (i.e. if it's a route, shield it), along with their latest push to replace all of the old ones with new ones that hopefully won't fade in two years, have resulted in at least three (NJ 81 and NJ 62 being the others) and maybe more formerly secret routes becoming outed.

Union Ave. (not the same one as NJ 28 to the west) in the first photo and Centennial Ave. in the other two, all NB at North Ave. NJ 28 crosses from North to South in Westfield, then crosses back later on to that other Union Ave. It makes more sense to me to have NJ 28 follow North Ave. to the end, jog two blocks to Union Ave., and stay there, than cross the tracks twice, but maybe it only makes sense because I had to put up with overpass reconstruction detours during sign-gathering. The squiggle arrow is my next recommendation to the MUTCD.

NJ 28 WB/Union CR 617 SB at Gordon St., where CR 617 leaves 28 after just having joined it. 50 years ago, something may have passed above the road on that truss.

EB at NJ 439, historically where NJ 28 turned right to get to the Goethals Bridge until the 1953 renumbering. (The Verrazzano wasn't alive yet.) Click for closeup.

Photos from the NJ 59 intersection

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