New Jersey Roads - NJ 27 S. of Elizabeth/CR 514

south of Elizabeth and NJ 27/CR 514

SB ending in the very restrictively elite town of Princeton with a combo one-piece sign that has no peer in the state. I guess there are too many cars to dare allow enlightened, hippie transportation like bicycles.

I don't think you'll complain if I share an even older version of the sign, courtesy Ray Martin.

NB in the same stretch.

In the days before route numbers, this is how highways were signed. The Lincoln Highway, one of the first, followed NJ 27 for its entire length. The lone marker I know of in NJ is just past Shady Brook Lane on the SB side. Someone want to explain to me how rebar can wear through the concrete without hurting the paint? Considering it happens both SB and NB, I don't think the answer is "this was repainted." I think this rebar actually held a snap-on reflector back in the day.

Yo. I Be NJDOT. I don't know what statement the DOT was trying to make with this sign, but maybe urban youth are hep to it.

This is the earliest state-numbered bridge I've found. The state numbering system was in the process of being born at the creation of this bridge; most are dated 1921-1923 that still bear the original route numbers. As you can see, the Lincoln Highway was blessed with 13.

Don't pay attention to any of these official-looking overhead signs - the county shields in the yellow squares are not up to state standards, and the one shield that does look good isn't in a yellow square. While they come close to NJDOT specs, these are county signs, so it's up to them what route numbers they want to put on there. However, there is no such route as CR 644 according to the NJDOT Straight Line Diagrams (which just really means "we have a route here, we're not going to legislate more than one), so Middlesex County really shouldn't confuse people on the state highway.

Cryptic sign SB past the heart of New Brunswick. It's actually Easton Av., which is also CR 514 and 527.

Old SB BGS's entering New Brunswick. It's conceivable the second set dates from when the NJ 18 expressway was incomplete west of NJ 27, and 18 crossed the bridge with 27 and continued westward on the north side of the Raritan River. The first set, along with the sign below, probably replaced originals from the multiplex.

NB sign on the same assembly as the first SB sign for 18. Until the completion of the NJ 18 freeway along the Raritan River to Metlars Lane, NJ 18 was multiplexed with NJ 27 here and turned left on River Road, going up to I-287.

From my multiplex page, this 1960 photo from Jack E. Boucher (Historic American Engineering Record) shows the original beginning of NJ 18 from NJ 27 NB (and CR 514 EB) in a traffic circle. NJ briefly used green cutout circles for state routes and this predates that color for guide signs.

While we're being historic, here's a southward aerial view from Old New Brunswick. I include it here for the signs on the NJ 18 overpass, which are clearly the same signs still used 3 photos up. That explains why "18 SOUTH" seems so poorly laid out - it was originally EAST 18 with an arrow and I believe Burnet Ave. below.

SB through Highland Park, which due to having a major arterial north of an important city restricted to two lanes, needs such large signs at every intersection (yes, there were more). Then, to end it, a nice, old streetpost. CR 514 is duplexing here.

CR 514 EB leaves NJ 27 NB with an afterthought "JCT".

Love those shields, love that arrow. Hate the illegible sign. SB.

Vineyard Rd. in Edison, WB just south of I-287, courtesy Lou Corsaro. NJDOT ran out of green overheads?

All southbound starting south of the Garden State Parkway, with the second sign at CR 531; not sure what traffic to NB I-287 does. Most of CR 501 is N-S; this directional shift happens across Staten Island, where CR 501 doesn't exist. Since 501 and NJ 440 are multiplexed for short distances on both sides of the island, to follow 501 you would follow NY 440. I don't think much traffic follows 501, though.

Northbound at CR 501, after having passed I-287 but only having access to the southbound side.

A rather shaky-looking railroad bridge just south of the Garden State Parkway. However old this is, it better be on the short list for replacement.

NB at the Garden State Parkway entrance. The "Via Parkway" and "No Trucks" signs are both unique to this entrance, from what I've seen in New Jersey.

SB in Rahway at the same intersection.

The true gem is on the NB side right near there.

Kingston Bridge, old NJ 27
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