New Jersey Roads - NJ 26

NJ 26

The signs are a bit roughed up at the northern end of NJ 26 as it hits the New Brunswick border at Nassau St. What's interesting is that the overhead signal sign still implies 26 goes both directions - of course, Livingston Avenue does, but 26 does not, and it's not easy to make that clear.

Most of the signs on NJ 26 are new, besides the two above. This isn't on 26 at all - in fact, it's on NJ 171 - but if you continue on Livingston Ave., it comes up just past Suydam St. Of course, what this means is that in September 1965, NJ 171 was still on Commercial Ave. and 26 still existed in New Brunswick, all the way up to George St. where it met then-171 (now where 171 turns to get to NJ 27). The speed limit sign has been replaced by the city, but this shield remains as if they still think it goes this way. Agency coordination can be helpful.

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