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NJ 187

NJ 187 is old NJ 87. Not that there was any pressing need for a new 87, but, well, Atlantic City has lots of money, and New Jersey wants to make sure you can start losing it as quickly as possible. (That's why the roads leading there have tolls.)

Brigantine Blvd. used to continue left to US 30, where NJ 87 and then 187 ended (and where 30 ends as well, despite signage to the contrary). When the ACE Brigantine Connector (the ramp to which is straight ahead in this photo) opened, the bottom of NJ 187 was cut off in a semicircle, with one quarter going to the Connector and the other around to US 30 via North Carolina Ave. This photo is on now-NJ 187 NB, and the other side of this photo is on the Brigantine Connector page (link at bottom).

NJ 187 SB at the same intersection as above. NJ 30!

North Carolina Ave. getting cut off by the Brigantine Connector, after part of it has already been cut of by the revised access I described above. Another piece of the road is used for access to the Borgata from NJ 87. A similar photo to this is again on the Brigantine Connector page (link below).

Courtesy Scott Colbert, the northern end of NJ 187. I never knew of the existence of Harrahs, NJ. Or even of any such place as Harrahs. Maybe apostrophized?

Same place, Huron Ave. SB, which turns into the rest of NJ 87 straight ahead; of course, one is better off going straight to get to 30...

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