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NJ 185 was intended to extend northward for several miles as an expressway, with actually good-looking and smooth-flowing access to port areas, industry, and Liberty State Park, before tying in to more residential areas to the north. Instead, judging from traffic volumes, I think the state just didn't care; the neighborhoods certainly aren't popular enough to warrant a great connection, though such a highway would doubtless have helped them. The shield at top is the only SB reassurance, and is an error (2-digit width). Interestingly: There was once a NJ 85 freeway proposed between the two Hudson River tunnels (link goes to Steve Anderson's, and here is NJ 185 just a mile or two to the south - and theoretically the two could have even linked together! However, NJ 185 was only numbered that because 184 had just been taken (by another 440-related road, no less), making the best coincidence of route numbering in New Jersey since US 1 multiplexed with NJ 1 north of the Tonnele Circle.

Once upon a time, NJ 185 ended at NJ 169. Both were signed heading east from NJ 440 almost like a multiplex - that's as much as I remember as a kid. By the time I was able to drive the road myself, NJ 440 had already been rerouted around the east side of Bayonne. These historical photos are courtesy Bill Mitchell.

The only NB reassurance looks too small on its posts. It makes a good alternate to the Turnpike, and would be even better if it were completed instead of petering out halfway between Exits 14A and 14B.

Bill Mitchell submitted this historical photo from the time when NJ 169 still existed. It's the same size as my shield photo at top, but the font appears to be thicker, so that means NJDOT made more than one narrow shield without realizing their mistake.

Looking south from the "temporary" northern end of 185 as the divided highway picks up as if nothing was wrong. This is not how it's supposed to be.

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