New Jersey Roads - NJ 182/CR 517

NJ 182/CR 517

NJ 182 has an interesting past. It started as S-24, meaning a spur off of 24, when what's now NJ 24 extended west to Hackettstown along CR 517 and continued along NJ 57. (Actually, part of 57 was also S-24, back to a proposed reroute of 24 at Penwell that was never built.) For the length that it followed county routes east of here, 24 was always county-maintained, but this little connection was state-maintained, maybe because what's now 57 was state-maintained. In 1953, along with the renumbering of the state highway system, the Penwell bypass of 24 was killed off, and 24 was rerouted up this way over most of old S-24. That left the tiny piece along what's now NJ 182, and it was numbered 57. (There is precedent for NJ using two-digit routes in this range for tiny segments of highway: 59, 62, 64...) I'm not sure why, but NJDOT decided in 1969 to change the numbers into the current configuration. NJ 57 was reserved for a future extension east to the dualized part of US 46, which forced NJ 182 to get its own number. Since that extension died, 57 and 182 (and formerly 24 as well) end catty-corner at each other.

NJ 182 SB ends with an overly wide shield font. CR 517 continues.

The first business on the NB side hasn't remodeled since this was still 57. Then again, the business is a relic of a former chain, and has since closed, so who can blame them for not updating?

Even more seemingly abandoned. But it's for rent!

NB at the end of NJ 182, with 182's mile marker, but CR 517 continues from here and is therefore not "TO."

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