New Jersey Roads - NJ 18

NJ 18 NB
NJ 18 SB
Along NJ 18 (non-directional)

North of Raritan River
New Brunswick construction
NJ 172 and interchange construction
Future NJ 18, Hoes Lane

Original NJ 18, River Rd. (CR 622)

Part freeway, part expressway, NJ 18 never lived up to its potential. Although its northern end was extended past NJ 27 in 1983, and is being extended again in 2004, 18 will not be upgraded in the non-freeway sections, and its southern end is stuck at Exit 6. At least the northern extension to I-287 is finally proceeding, but NJ 18's usefulness as a Central Jersey - Jersey Shore route can never be realized until the final few miles are pushed south, which is about as likely as the completion of the Eisenhower Parkway. Or even less likely - Eisenhower is being used as an ATV trail, but NJ 18's unused ROW is going to be formally converted into a bike path.

Two photos from old 18, Burnet St., across Lawrence Brook/Westons Mill Pond. The first looks west at modern NJ 18, whose bridge is anything but modern (and I like it better that way). The second is Burnet St. SB becoming Tower Center Blvd.

NJ 18 on Steve Anderson's
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