New Jersey Roads - NJ 179

The New Hope-Lambertville Bridge, old US 202 - NJ/PA 179 is entirely the old routing of US 202, pre-freeway. Well, pre-NJ freeway, since PA never got its act together and only constructed the Doylestown Bypass. More photos of the bridge follow, and extend into PA (linked at bottom).

Approaching the 1904 bridge and the original toll house, last used in 1919.

Onto the open-grate bridge toward PA. I've never liked being able to see the water beneath me, not to mention that steel grates are hell on bicycles and not so great for cars keeping traction.

Looking south and north along the Delaware River, with the US 202 toll bridge in the background, then back east toward Lambertville before I cross the border onto the PA 179 page.

In Lambertville, the riverside train tracks get authentic button-copy crossbucks SB and NB, respectively; click on the NB photo for the large size.

Another one lurks a block to the south (NJ 179 NB heads east through town) in the old rail station, used now for pedestrians crossing to the restaurant and inn on the Delaware riverfront.

Looking south (NB side of 179) and north along the defunct Delaware Canal, now with walking trail.

Left: This old pole, once holding an old sign, is now left useless. This is EB at Main St., which is NJ 29 to the north, and once was/may still be NJ 29 to the south. See NJ 165 for much more on that (NJ 165 is the piece of original NJSHR 29 routing, which followed NJ 179/US 202 up to Somerville, that is not now either NJ 29 or NJ 179). The sign atop this page is from Main St. NB.

Lambertville is certainly a historic town, but I think these are the only brown signs erected by the state (Newark has a few downtown but they are not on state highways). Second photo is SB.

Still in Lambertville.

SB in the middle of Ringoes, the NJ 31/US 202 multiplex did once split here, although now NJ 31 follows US 202 to this road, to the south. So, that should be TO SOUTH 31. Note that the CR and SR have the same last two digits, a complete coincidence.

NB on NJ 179/CR 579 in about the same spot.

The same perspective, northbound (where the right turn is more of an acute angle, and where shields can't sit up straight), then leaving town to a squirrel-cheeked sendoff.

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