New Jersey Roads - Old NJ 169 (NJ 440)

There is no NJ 169, but it was the last state highway to be erased (2001). Bill Mitchell was fortunately on the road before then, so he captured all of the photos on this page. The signs may be nothing to write home about for the most part, but all it takes is a stroke of the pen to make a vanilla route into cookie dough.

NB coming off the Bayonne Bridge. No idea what the first sign looks like now because I never came over the bridge NB myself, but the second BGS is exactly the same. It's just that there's no longer signage for CR 501 SB to the right, because it now joins onto NJ 440 and ends midspan.

NB at Old Hook Rd. and SB past it. I believe the construction that led to the US 169 shield (probably the only one ever erected in New Jersey, except for its SB counterpart) was to widen NJ 169 to four divided lanes from here north to the NJ Turnpike interchange, the last fix before NJ 440 was rerouted over it.

NB leading to the junction, SB at it. The I-78 signs are exactly the same, but a number has been done on the NJ 169 signs, removing everything above the destinations and shoving the 440 SOUTH into a new position.

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