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NJ 168

NJ 168, the Black Horse Pike, is old NJ 42 north of the Atlantic City Expressway. NJ 42 had to be beefed up to handle the freeway traffic, but it's NJ 168 that has so far held onto the N.J. Turnpike connection.

In the northbound lanes of NJ 168 just after they begin, with the END shield visible on the SB side. Northbound traffic has to jog over from NJ 42 on Sicklerville Rd. (CR 705), but officially even the northbound side begins in this photo.

Two ancient relics from the original NJSHR 42 on the southbound side.

NB at NJ 42's Exit 11.

I wonder if there was a CR 573 below that NORTH. Gee, since the county-maintained part of NJ 41 and its possibly still-existent shadow route began here and went north? Nah.

Northbound at the beginning of CR 573, which used to be where NJ 41 turned into TEMPORARY 41. This sign is perhaps the most "with it" of any intersecting road between here and the northern end of the county-maintained section of 41.

NB up to Kings Highway, second photo courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Camden County is the king of original McDonald's signs; there's another one on US 30 but this one still has the original logo!

The NB jughandle at Nicholson Rd.

Like above, another throwback to the days when this was still 42.

EB on NJ 76C, which any non-roadgeek would only know as the I-76 Connector. It takes traffic from I-676 and I-76, but especially the Walt Whitman Bridge (76 EB), to NJ 168 and US 130, and vice versa, but if you don't know the area it's hard to do (quick, get on the connector if you're heading southbound!). It also only takes eastbound traffic to 130 SB and 168 NB, and since 168 and 130 intersect just north of here, that leaves 168 SB in the lurch. I'm guessing that DRPA (Delaware River Port Authority) penned the font on this beauty. Please note sarcasm.

NJ 168 NB at US 130, and replaced now. This unique intersection has left turns from 130 to 168 cross the other side of 130 well before the intersection, with the opposite 168-130 ramp on the outside of it. At the intersection, there is thus a cross section of which the following is typical: (right to left) US 130 NB, US 130 SB, 130-168 NB, 168-130 SB. Because of this configuration, or maybe just to spite drivers, there are no left turns from 168 to 130, meaning two movements don't get made up. One has to proceed well past the intersection in either direction to find a turnaround and go the right way - or, since there aren't enough traffic control signs, just turn left right smack in the middle of the intersection anyway.

North of the end of NJ 168, the road is Camden CR 605, and signed with Camden CR ugliness.

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