New Jersey Roads - NJ 166

Old shields on NJ 166, first one courtesy Scott Colbert and now gone I think (as is one that was on NJ 37 WB). The SB 6's are a little lazy.

Old street sign in, well, Beachwood. Obviously Atlantic City Blvd. is a remnant of when this was US 9. This is a perfect candidate to be Business US 9 instead of a 3-digit route.

Pardon. Flash obscures the squished digits in the NJ 166 shield, and shows how unreflective the old CR 530 shield is.

Toms River is in Dover Township, and to most people, Dover is the Town in North Jersey and the Township on the Shore is just Toms River. That's a lot of Proper Nouns. Anyway, here's the township line at the beginnings of CR 549 to the right and CR 527 to the left.

Fading paint + flash = obliteration of "Main St." What I care about, and so should you, is that unlike on newer NJ signal signage, the shield is detached from the edges of the sign.

No, I'm not developing a fascination with old store signs, but I occasionally am stopped on NJ 37 WB-NJ 166 SB jughandles (or similar) and have nothing better to do than point and click.

The same sign as on the US 9 page, but this time it's my own photo and taken from 166 and not from 9. The beginning of NJ 166, with strange US 9 shield (there is no normal shield on any Parkway entrance sign when the two routes are together).

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