New Jersey Roads - Dowd Ave., Elizabeth

Dowd Avenue, Elizabeth

All photos are northbound. The URL gives away that Dowd Ave. was once numbered NJ 164, presumably for industrial access. It went away once NJ 81 was completed.

4th St. NB ends at New Point Rd., which then meets Trumbull Rd. at the south end of Dowd Ave. (just after this railroad overpass). I didn't even see the low clearance sign when I was out there, but half an old font is better than none.

These are different railroad overpasses on the east side of the Trumbull/Dowd intersection. It's a theme here.

More, more, more railroads, as Dowd Ave. heads north and curves into its long straightaway toward US 1-9. The last bridge is the only one still active of this photo run, connecting to a former harbor railyard to the east.

The first two signs are directly across from one another and, when they aren't being overgrown by shrubbery, each tells you to change to the other lane for its road. It would be much less confusing to have KEEP LEFT on the left and KEEP RIGHT on the right - I actually messed up the first time I drove through for photos (back when they were more overgrown).

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