New Jersey Roads - NJ 162/Cape May CR 626

and NJ 162
Life may go slower in South Jersey, but this is just downright lazy.

NJ 162 is the internal designation for a bridge over the Cape May Canal, part of the Intracoastal Waterway. On either side of this state-built and -maintained bridge, the roadway is known as Cape May CR 626, and I'm sure the bridge that precedes NJ 162 was also part of that county highway.

Cape May doesn't clean up the Delaware River side beachfront - after all, who wouldn't pay to go to the touristy ocean side? In fact, this rusting hulk is now the attraction here at the "southern" (really western) end of CR 626.

CR 626 NB (Sunset Blvd. EB), heading away from the Delaware Bay beach, with one of many turtle warnings in southern NJ, followed by one of many ferry signs in southern NJ.

Now CR 626 SB (Sunset Blvd. WB), ignoring the sticker inside the 6, this sign is still old. It demonstrates that getting all those digits straight is a chronic problem for Cape May County.

Very old signpost that certainly predates NJDOT (then NJSHD) getting involved with this bridge, New England Road (Cape May CR 641) at the old Seashore Road just south of the canal. This is now a forced right, but once had a bridge to the left.

One of many ugly Cape May CR shields around the bridge, this at the southern end of NJ 162.

Northbound onto the bridge; the first old and last new signs are state-erected, while I don't know who put up the CR shield (but it doesn't seem like a state job).

Well, that settles the question, North Jersey begins at the Cape May Canal, and only Cape May itself is in South Jersey. I bet a lot of barroom regulars have trouble with this fact, and so do I. I've never seen anything like this, so can someone please shed some light?

Non-cutoutness and non-prettiness, southbound at the beginning of NJ 162.

Seashore Rd. NB, carrying CR 603 from Jonathan Hoffman Rd. but once the CR 626 mainline, approaching where NJ 162 ends and dumps CR 626 back onto Seashore.

The sign on the side of the gore between CR 626/NJ 162 SB and CR 603 SB, another sign that the bridge to the left is state maintained and the road to the right isn't.

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