New Jersey Roads - NJ 161/Passaic CR 611

Clifton Ave.: and Passaic CR 611

NJ 161 is former NJSHR S-3-A (a spur off a spur), now an isolated state route in Clifton. Allwood Road, the southern end of 161, was the original NJSHR S-3 (3 itself followed 20, which is now NJ 120, then a long break, and then NJ 20). Once S-3 was built on the Jersey freeway that NJ 3 is now, Allwood Rd. became just a county route, and 161 never was extended back to 3. It ends where state maintenance ends, which is pitifully short of the full length of Clifton Ave. Above is the first SB shield (even though the street is more east-west) at Van Houten Ave. and only interesting photo on the state highway.

Paulison Ave. EB past the end of NJ 161. NO turn mondaytofriday.

In Passaic along CR 611.

Continuing west from there.

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