New Jersey Roads - NJ 159

NJ 159

Last shield WB.

WB across the Passaic River, showing US 46's original designation as SHR 6. NJ 159 is old US 46 through a small part of Fairfield and an even smaller part of Montville. The bypass of this section came the next year in 1941, so for some reason this was first reconstructed before the bypass opened. It would have made more sense to let traffic onto the new road to allow easier work on the old road. If things had been done the logical way, this would say SHR 6M.

The EB side of the bridge. The first photo is darker thanks to the reflection of the bridge inventory sign.

Original state highway curb at the intersection of Bloomfield Ave. (NJ 159 to the west, CR 506 to the east) with Oak Rd. (NJ 159 to the north). US 46 dropped to two lanes here and followed Oak Rd., Clinton Rd., and Fairfield Rd. before the bypass was constructed that created NJ 159. Photos here start facing west and end facing north.

NJ 159 WB making a right at that intersection.

Last views: EB at the CR 506 gore and WB at the beginning of the intersection island. Enough slotted curb for you?

Faded EB milemarker on Clinton Rd. WB. One of the nice things about modern US 46 is that you don't have to curve west to head east.

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