New Jersey Roads - Burlington CR 607/old NJ 155

, Maple Ave./Cinnaminson Ave.
and Former NJ 155

There are no traces of state highwaydom on this short spur from US 130 in Parry through Palmyra (CR 607 is much longer, but 155 began at 130 and headed west). It ended at ferry docks, but there are at best faint traces of those as well. At least there are a few interesting signs along the way, so here you go.

In the heart of Palmyra, a slapped together LGS and a bunged-up overhead sign. On the LGS, the directions (SOUTH 543 to NORTH 73) should be white on green like the other text on the sign, not a fake directional banner. On the overhead sign, Burlington County just gets the shield completely wrong. The real shape would also leave a lot more room for the three digits inside.

Older street sign and parking sign, then a truck sign, eastbound after U-turning at the end of CR 607. There's now a development obscuring the original ferry parking area. Curiously, the eastern half of former 155 is part of a local truck route to NJ 73, but the western half has no trucks allowed.

A larger version of the ugly sign that makes county routes everywhere cry.

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