New Jersey Roads - NJ 154

The first is the worst! The above shield is southbound just after NJ 41 turns from the 41/154 duplex (yes, 41 duplexes with the child that begins along it, due to an intersection realignment at NJ 70). Here's some more: NJ 154 was originally conceived as a Haddonfield bypass for NJ 41, but only made it as far as Berlin Rd. When it became clear this wouldn't be completed, NJ 41 in the Great Renumbering was temporarily aligned along former NJ S-44-A, now CR 573. Temporary 41 became permanent in 2001.

The Cooper River Bridge, built in 1936 as part of NJSHR 41 as you can see. These photos were taken on the southbound side.

Very old, but repainted, northbound signs at the same bridge and river.

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