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NJ 152

NJ 152 may not connect directly to NJ 52, but NJDOT would like to remind you that the numbering is in no way coincidental. NJ 151, 152, and 153 were all numbered at about the same time, but 152 was then in Trenton, now part of NJ 29. In the only case I can think of after 1953, the number was moved to the new roadway instead of 152 getting the next number in the sequence. 152 is really just a couple of bridges that New Jersey replaced, and they also maintain the causeway west of Longport to Somers Point. However, like the other bridge-only routes, 152 doesn't touch another state highway, and ends arbitrarily at Bay Ave. in Somers Point. It could have extended further to... well, you'll see in the next photo, but it also could easily have been continued to touch its numbering parent.

Maryland Ave. WB at CR 585, Shore Rd, courtesy Scott Colbert. NJ 152 ended two blocks ago.

This shield doesn't quite stretch out to the 30" wide it's supposed to be (for a 24" height). It's Maryland Ave. just west of Bay Ave. and the technical beginning of the route.

Down the former Longport-Somers Point Blvd., now just an access road for a fishing pier built on the spot of the old bridge. When this was a bridge, it wasn't NJ 152.

Old stripe from when this part of the highway (past the cones and plantings) was still active.

Looking back from the end of the pier.

Old control section sign shows that NJ 152 ends here. To the east (left) is the JFK Memorial Bridge into Longport.

Westbound coming off that same bridge. We're about to head onto it, but not the bridge other people travel...

Looking west from the bridge approach at 27th Ave. and Sunset Ave. in Longport. Beyond the fence is an abutment stub. Not much to see here...

The access road for a small development west of Longport along Somers Point Blvd. I believe the road above and to the left was always the through street, but when it became NJ 152, NJDOT wanted to limit the access to the highway.

Onto the old western bridge abutment. As I noted above, even the new bridge here isn't NJ 152.

NJDOT would never use timber piles on a new bridge, but Atlantic County can.

Timber piles shore up the old bridge approach/abutment/pier/replacement.

Squarish shield east of the beginning of NJ 152, courtesy Scott Colbert.

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