New Jersey Roads - Former NJ 151

Former NJ 151

Mickle Blvd. EB at I-676. This sign dates to when I-676 was constructed, I would assume, and at that time Mickle was also NJ 151 from the Great Renumbering. East of here, the EB and WB sides of NJ 151 split (past tense) into 10th St. and 11th St. respectively.

These shields would never have been erected on the state highway, but Camden has put up a bunch of these rounded modernistic assemblies, and they all have NJ shields for US 30. The first photo is at the end of 10th St., where a U-turn ramp takes traffic to 11th St. - it's hardly ONLY I-676, because one must jog up to Federal St. (CR 537) into Market St., then turn left on Haddon Ave. (CR 561), before making another left back to the beginning of Mickle Blvd. all over again. Hey, let's do that whole thing one more time! The second photo is where 11th St. diverges from MLK Blvd. (the new name of Mickle) and Wright Ave.

At the actual U-turn ramp itself is this state-name shield also possibly erected by Camden, because there are a few more around the city. It's a heck of a lot better than the photo before this, reminiscent of the original Interstate shields from the 1950's. There's another one on CR 561 (Haddon Ave.) NB at the beginning of Mickle Blvd./former NJ 151, pointing to the ramp that's immediately there. I don't know why I-676 SB is signed so well east of the ramp that traffic all should have already used - US 30, which is a more obvious destination for traffic on 10th St., is barely signed (and even then as NJ 30), and Federal St. (the end of the old state highway) isn't signed at all either as Federal or as CR 537.

State-style curb, basically proving this was a state highway, first on the EB side of 151 right by Federal St., and then westbound on 11th St. near Newton Ave.

Memorial Ave., the easternmost leg of former NJ 151, crossing over US 30. While these 1951 bridges do cross a state highway, my gut feeling is they are stamped this way because they were on a state highway themselves.

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