New Jersey Roads - NJ 15 - N. of Dover

north of Dover

Above: Where the freeway begins as NJ 181 diverges.

Big shield, little shield, lots of shields, NB.

Looking north and south at a small piece of Union Tpk., original NJ 15, just north of I-80.

NB up a longer alignment of Union Tpk. next to the SB side of NJ 15, dead-ending in the last photo.

An old sign at a building driveway that has been closed in favor of one directly on (modern-day) NJ 15, and Union Tpk. SB merging back into NJ 15 SB.

The first is Edison Rd. WB at NJ 15 SB, and the rest are proceeding southward on that highway toward I-80. The second sign hints at a possible KENVILLE mispelling. Through this area immediately north of I-80, NJ 15 NB is the old highway, hemmed in by stores, while the SB lanes are a little less claustrophobic.

If you're wondering why the utterly forgettable town of Berkshire Valley won't allow its part of NJ 15 to be upgraded to freeway, maybe your answer lies in the fact that out of just three interchanges on the actual freeway segment, one took until 2004 to finally be complete (the CR 517 Sparta Bypass was held up east of Sparta), and the one at Blue Heron Road still isn't complete. The sad thing is, the road once did go to Blue Heron Lake, but was chopped off just east of NJ 15. As a result, what was graded as a cloverleaf has turned into a half-diamond/half-folded diamond, going so far as to stick a Park and Ride over the NB-EB right of way. The photo here is where the WB offramp would have merged into the NB lanes. Rather than reconfigure the interchange to allow a smooth trumpet (i.e. have all NB-on traffic come on the outside of the NB-WB loop), all traffic instead uses the EB-NB loop, creating an unnecessary weave on the NB side of 15. You can see the rest of the interchange on the NJ 181 page (big link at bottom).

NB at the next exit, CR 517, which as I mentioned was only recently built beyond NJ 15 to the east. There is a nasty bit of railroad that complicated things, requiring some odd angles and steep hills immediately to the east at Station Road. Main St., old CR 517, is just to the south, and Station Rd. turns into CR 620 there (although it's possible, based on signage, that 620 is extended to the new 517).

SB at the same spot.

This is just NJ 15 North, I promise. The "South" belongs to NJ 94. Courtesy Doug Kerr.

The opposite direction of the concurrency. The arrow does belong to CR 623.

NJ 15 ends at modernist interpretations of US shields with minimalist attention to detail.

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