New Jersey Roads - NJ 15

NJ 15

Looking south at the NJ 15/I-80 interchange, with sweeping freeway movements between east and north, and entirely missing all but the SB-WB ramp to the west. That's about to change with a project announced in 2020 to add EB-SB and NB-WB ramps here, leaving EB Exit 34 (formerly 33) to continue to handle EB-NB movements.

NJ 15 in Dover

NJ 15 north of Dover

NJ 181, former NJ 15

Speaking of Dover, former NJ 15 SB at Morris St. and an old hydrant at Sussex St. (Why former? I explain on the Dover page.) Although the "N" was greened out of the CR 643 shield, the county route does extend north up to US 46, except it's one-way SB so it would be wise to avoid any suggestion that traffic could turn.

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