New Jersey Roads - NJ 147

NJ 147

CR 618 EB where it ends and turns into a New Jersey state highway.

Narrow shield (2.5-digit?), and unusual arrow placement, WB approaching the Garden State Parkway onramp at Exit 6. Most traffic is leaving the shore this way, though the route continues on (not by number, though) to parent NJ 47 for those heading west.

These WB signs (there's another identical one) were erected when Golf Club Rd. was realigned to be opposite Massachusetts Ave., because the background is a shade of pine green as dark as the handpainted non-reflective signs that went out of style decades ago. The signs are important, because people used to make the next turn on Golf Club Rd. to get to the Turnpike, whereas now the Turnpike onramp is separate (WB only, requiring an EB U-turn east of this intersection).

EB, just after the route's beginning at US 9, courtesy Scott Colbert. Again, the arrow should be below the ACE shield, and "VIA PARKWAY" can stay there if it really wants to, but it's kind of a given... how else would one go? Via two-lane and slow Ocean Drive? Both WB and EB, the arrow points not to the Parkway onramp but to Massachusetts Ave., which turns into Golf Club Rd. and has the onramp further north.

WB and EB at CR 619, the continuation of Ocean Drive. Ocean Drive began life as US 9, following NJ 109 to CR 621, up through Wildwood. It then heads west along NJ 147 until it can branch off again, here. As it winds its way up to Atlantic City, Ocean Drive crosses more than one toll bridge and changes route numbers several times. The shields should say CAPE MAY COUNTY somewhere in there. Second photo (EB) courtesy Scott Colbert.

On N. Wildwood Blvd., the old road that was surpassed by NJ 147 soaring above, now marked Cape May CR 665, courtesy William Gresham. Bridge not out, bridge on other road.

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