New Jersey Roads - NJ 140/CR 540

NJ 140 (and CR 540)

Although the only shield is for NJ 140, technically, CR 540 also begins here at US 130 and heads east. When 140 ends at US 40, 540 continues on to Vineland and beyond. Ignoring the hidden multiplex with 140, CR 540 in fact both begins and ends at US 40, the only 500-series route to have both ends at one route, let alone that route being so coincidentally numbered.

EB at I-295; the I-295 SB ramp is to the left to give traffic a chance to get away from the Exit 1C ramp to CR 551 SB. There is also a ramp to the right, like you'd expect, but that goes straight to 551. (Yes, I agree, this could be done better, but traffic's supposed to be following the Turnpike anyway, obviously.)

More state-name shieldage westbound, with non-county name shieldage as well. The first sign is wrong, and the second sign is right - see if you can spot the difference. (Oh, and Turnpike South is clearly wrong, because the Turnpike ends at I-295, but if you've just exited the Turnpike for the services along NJ 140 and are new to the area, that added text is moderately helpful.)

NJ 140 and US 40 WB are multiplexed for the eastern third of 140's short existence. Technically, US 40 follows the ramp from the NJ Turnpike straight into its dualized alignment, but since that ramp is one-way, signs have to direct US 40 traffic west to the nearest onramp. A sign earlier on US 40 puts both routes in US shields by accident (visit the 40 page, linked below), so to compensate NJ put up two NJ 40 shields (the other, also on the 40 page, is eastbound heading away from 140). It would help to have a WEST 140 reassurance for straight ahead, past the .7 milepost.

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