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NJ 133

I feel like there is a better way to convey the information at the WB end of NJ 133. Oh, and the border should turn black when it's on yellow.

Another interesting sign approaching the EB end, at least until 2013 when the flyover to the new Turnpike interchange opened. The lanes really don't work as shown, and I have problems with three lanes being shown when 133 still only has two - yes, it gains one at the signal. First photo courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Work was beginning on the future NJ 33 overpass in August 2011. The future WB lanes of NJ 133 are taking shape, and for now, NJ 133 still flows straight into Milford Rd. And look, there are the 3 EB lanes!

In October 2012, the new southern approach to the overpass is in place, and NJ 133 has been rerouted to use the future north side SPUI ramps. The new Interchange 8 is partially open, as movements are transferred one by one from the old interchange. NJ 133 is operating with temporary signals until these permanent ones come online.

The beginning of NJ 133 WB in 2012, with a look back east at the northern overpass approach taking shape.

In January 2013, the bridge is now up and the approaches are being worked on, EB courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Coming off of the Turnpike in 2013, for the first time you can say that phrase and be in the new Interchange 8. I-95 NB traffic is now able to use the new plaza but doesn't yet get to travel over the new bridge, again courtesy Lou Corsaro. The NJTA is getting ready to open the entire inbound roadway (for simplicity instead of splitting between both interchanges) and leave just the SB exit at the old plaza.

Proceeding (forced) down the ramp with some construction 2-digit, one-piece shields, still from Lou. The NJ 133 "through" movement is being accommodated in the constructed SPUI geometry, and there are snazzy orange route shields because white is too ordinary.

No traffic yet entering the Turnpike, but it's close. Thus ends Lou's exploration of NJ 133.

Across the street, as part of the August 2011 Central NJ Road Meet, I start my exploration of the future realignment of Milford Rd., heading north. Instead of running north into NJ 133, it will swing left over the new Turnpike Interchange 8 complex to a new intersection with NJ 33.

Looking south at the future tie-in. Part of existing Milford Rd. north of here will become a dead-end through the lot where I parked and the rest will be submerged under NJ 133.

Looking north at the future NJ 133 overpass and NJ 33 SPUI. The mound in the middle is the southern embankment, and the dirt trails on either side will become the interchange ramps.

Choosing an alternate path, I follow the future Turnpike offramp to Milford Rd. in the wrong direction, south toward the future toll plaza. The concrete is in and the connections for the tollbooths are set. There is no other Milford Rd. connection here, but none is needed because the rest is served by NJ 33. (This is the only movement that would require two left turns if no ramp were provided, so why not throw in an easy right turn?)

Part of slipping that Milford Rd. exit in was avoiding impacts to the Daniel Rd. cul-de-sac, which led to it being pushed up against the NJ 133 mainline, which led to this retaining wall to keep them separated. Turns out throwing in a short ramp is actually rather expensive.

Before the ice cream truck ended the meet (see the page linked below for the full story), I scrambled down the embankment to take photos at NJ 133-level, looking north (WB) toward NJ 33 and south (EB) toward the Turnpike. Actually, NJ 133 now ends facing backwards at the new trumpet.

I said Lou Corsaro was done with NJ 133, but I didn't say anything about Milford Rd. He's looking south at the newly opened Interchange 8 (I-95 NB exit only) and then north for 2 photos at the NJ 133 bridge taking shape over NJ 33.

In December 2013, the ramps are all open. Sorta. You can go to or from any direction you want, but you don't get a choice of roadways because the outer roadways aren't done yet. So I'm heading onto I-95 north.

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