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NJ 129

Super-wide shield at the beginning of NJ 129, from Lamberton Road. I was surprised to find that NJ 129 does not in fact end at NJ 29, but continues down a little farther to a glorified driveway. Starting out north:

Okay, I'll bite: What does "EXIT 1/2 MILE" mean, when every "exit" is in fact a signalized intersection? NJ 129 was constructed as a four-lane expressway intended to aid the flow of NJ 29 traffic during the decked tunnel construction to the west. That's why Cass Street is signed TO 29 NORTH - the tunnel wasn't completed until after the reign of button copy, so clearly these signs were for through NJ 29 traffic accessing the beginning of the John Fitch Parkway.

For some reason, Hamilton Ave. doesn't have southbound button copy, and Broad St., the only non-freeway interchange along NJ 129, and doesn't have a NB exit. Oh, and neither SOUTH 129 nor Lamberton Rd. are actually exits - if that said SOUTH 29, it would be accurate. If you didn't figure it out, these and the next set are SB.

The narrow I-195 shield is secondary here. The point I want to make is, I don't care if both lanes are heading left and only the right lane splits to Lamberton Road. The exit is to NJ 29; the through movement is NJ 129, and it should not be signed as an exit! Then again, being technical doesn't help drivers, very few of whom are continuing into the marshes.

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