New Jersey Roads - NJ 122

All photos are westbound until the end. NJ 122 is the east half of former US 22 Alternate, which follows the original path of NJ 28 into downtown Phillipsburg and was the original US 22 from 1926 until "24-28 Link" (now US 22 north from I-78) was built. In 1988, when NJDOT performed its last trimming of its state highway system, it got rid of the Alternate and gave the state-maintained part a route number, to Pursel St. before randomly ending there. I can't fathom why state maintenance extends exactly that far instead of a more logical place.

CR 519 prohibits trucks through the Upper Pohatcong neighborhood, so NJ 122 serves as half of the designated truck route (along with US 22) until here.

The warning for Carpentersville Rd. has since been replaced.

The foreground stone arch is Greens Bridge, dating to sometime in the 19th century (possibly 1860s) and in use until 1989 carrying the Raritan Valley Line. That is now on the boring modern bridge behind it.

This one random pier is on the south side of NJ 122 between the bridges. Going as far back as 1931, it was always just a single pier, so it may have been built by a prospective railroad line that never made further progress.

The only eastward photo on the page, showing everything old and cool.

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