New Jersey Roads - NJ 12

NJ 12

As seen from PA 32, the Uhlerstown-Frenchtown Bridge. It's a secondary Pennsylvania route because it's under a mile long, but becomes NJ 12 midspan.

Driving east across the span into New Jersey. PA is such a nanny state with its signs.

Click on this image for a westbound video. Click on this text for an eastbound video.

Now some westbound photos, ending with some joint detail.

Looking north and south at the Delaware River.

Second building off the span.

WB at NJ 29. Yes, this is actually the end of 29, not TO it, except NJ 29 is town-maintained within the borders of Frenchtown - there is an END 29 assembly entering the town. Signage therefore reflects maintenance, not legislation. Also note the old pole, which would have held a little white sign once upon a time.

The only old NJ 12 shield left, EB at the beginning of CR 513.

The WB sign (second photo) is the original, but while the replica doesn't do a very good job of replicating, in its own right it has become an anomaly - and is now fairly old as well.

The stamps in the northern parapets of the Wickechoeke Creek bridge; NJ 12 is one of the rare routes that has kept its number from the days of bridge stampings.

NJ 12 ends in a pair of circles. The first is at CR 611/Main St., seen SB entering the circle in the first photo and leaving from NJ 12 EB in the second. I'd much rather not see it enter like that, but I'll take the exit with an outdated, hyphenated, mostly faded, desiccated sign.

NJ 12 comes out of the CR 611 rotary as a four-lane divided highway but quickly ends at Flemington Circle, where NJ 31 and US 202 come together from the north and northeast. This huge circle will hopefully get the Somerville treatment and have a US 202 flyover. NJ 31 was once slated for a western Flemington bypass to take some traffic away, but that's dead for now.

If you went into the Flemington Circle and came back out on NJ 12 WB, these are the large shields you would encounter, in order. Note the two signs with old light fixtures above them - they date the initial installation of the assemblies somewhere around 30-40 years or even more, possibly with white instead of green signs beneath.

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